ZDC's leaders are some of
the hardest visionaries in the industry.

ZDC’s leadership team provides the vision that has propelled us from a small construction company to a worldwide diversified leader in a remarkably short period of time.

Our overall goal is to provide quality, cost-efficient projects that leave a positive experience for our clients.

Alfayo Ongeri Wycliffe
Director - ZDC Limited

People United by a common goal and passion for people, our project team is second to none.

ZDC's leadership team

meet the executive management team
of ZDC Limited.



Onroy is a visionary leader who steers the company’s strategic vision. He guides ZDC’s growth and success and builds strong relationships with clients and partners.



Brian is the preconstruction expert who ensures ZDC’s projects are on time and on budget. He is the visionary leader who oversees all projects from start to finish.


Director - Legal & Compliance

Alfayo provides legal counsel to ZDC’s management team and ensures ZDC’s projects comply with all applicable laws and regulations.


Director - Engineering

Job is an expert in structural engineering, civil engineering, and mechanical engineering, passionate about building safe and sustainable structures. He leads the engineering team in designing and overseeing construction projects.

Hiring – We are looking for talented & driven people to come work with us. Available Positions